Coded by César González & Designed by Marta Pedregal (wapa!! ailoviu!!)

Mp4web is a little PHP4 script created to manage mp4live (part of MPEG4IP, thanks for your help Bill!).


  • Launch mp4live sesions and watch it in real time.
  • Watch recorded media files.
  • Create,edit,modify mp4live configuration files.
  • All via web browser.

  • You need a working MPEG4IP, DSS instalation and some audio/video capture device supported by OSS/V4L.

  • Server Side.

  • - Apache
    - PHP and pear
    - MPEG4IP
    - Darwin Streaming Server
    - Audio/Video capture device.

  • Client Side

  • - Web browser
    - Some multimedia player browser plugin installed with RTSP and MPEG4 support.

    I have tested the application with latest CVS Mplayerplug-in 16-05-2003 (Thanks for the help Kevin!) using latest CVS mplayer (0.90 will not work) and Quicktime Player Plugin. Both are fully supported.

    If you need help installing the MPEG4IP, several people have made good guides :

    English "MPEG4IP Documentation" by MPEG4IP Staff
    "Streaming MPEG-4 with Linux" by Donald Szeto
    "MPEG4IP Guide" by Everwicked
    Spanish "Streaming en Linux (AKA MPEG4IP, DSS, MP4WEB howto)" by César González (myself)

    Once you get MPEG4IP and DSS to work, install Mp4web is an easy task.

    First, you need to grant access to audio and video devices to the apache group (tipically www-data, apache or httpd) so you need to edit /etc/group and add apache group to audio and video groups:


    You must set the correct permisions to Darwin Media Directory (/usr/local/movies/ by default) :

    #chown -R www-data:www-data /usr/local/movies

    Next step is to unpack application files in apache document root, edit configuration file to suit your system (configure.php) and that's all. Point your browser to index.php and enjoy ;).

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    Last updated : 16-05-2003